Healing Nature

  • Opdrachtgever:
    IPPS 2012
  • Camera:
    Joost van der Westen
  • Regie :
    Harro Henkemans
  • Montage:
    Harro Henkemans
  • Productie:
    Arienne Henkemans

A documentary about the lessons we can learn from nature for a healthy living and a sustainable business and society, seen from the viewpoint of science, practice, spirituality and culture. A film, based on inspiring speeches, workshops and personal experiences shared by people from around the globe, who came together for the 11th International People Plant Symposium 2012, entitled Diversity: Towards a New Vision of Nature, held from September 6 to 8, 2012, in The Netherlands. Among them are specialists in environmental psychology, nature conservation, philosophy of nature, horticultural therapy, green education, urban gardening and deep ecology to share their views.

The documentary is made on behalf of the Growing Foundation, whose mission is to stimulate and improve peoples’ connection with nature in order to promote a more sustainable and healthy way of living worldwide.


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